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Benefits to sealing pavers


  1. Provides a barrier against U.V. rays and prevents paver color from fading.
  2. Provides a barrier against oil stains, and allows oil droppings to be cleaned off paver surface before oil can penetrate.
  3. Solidifies joint sand, preventing sand loss.
  4. Prohibits weed growth between pavers from seed germination.
  5. Enhances and revitalizes the original vibrancy of pavers.
  6. Inhibits algae and mold growth.

What You Should Know...

The paver industry in Southern California has traditionally used a water based acrylic polymer for sealing concrete pavers. Some examples of these products are Bp Pro, Techniseal, Glaze and Seal, and Sure Bond. Acrylic polymers do an adequate job of solidifying joint sand and can even enhance the color of a new installation for a short period of time. The life of these products is typically 3 years.

There is a better choice...Seal ‘n Lock

Super Wet Paver Sealer from Seal ‘n Lock is a high solids, two-part, water-based pure urethane sealer that penetrates the pavers to provide a longer lasting, protective barrier with superior joint stabilization. Using Seal ‘n Lock results in a superior longer lasting look. This super wet sealer is user friendly and environmentally safe. The high solids content of pure urethane wears evenly and lasts longer than acrylic polymer sealers.

Seal ‘n Lock - Super Wet Benefits

  • Two Part Urethane
  • Superior Joint Stabilization
  • Inhibits Algae & Mold Growth
  • Enhances Colors

Landmark Clean& Seal strongly recommends the use of Seal n Lock Super Wet on any clean and seal project you are considering undertaking. It is a bit more expensive but well worth the cost.


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