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Landmark Clean & Seal specializes in cleaning, restoring and sealing your interlocking paver system to its original beauty.  Our proven Clean & Seal process can successfully restore any paving stone driveway, walkway, patio, or pool deck brilliantly.  Read more about our tried and true method to find out how your paver stones can not only be made to look like new, but also, become protected for years to come against, staining, fading, and weed growth.  You have made a wise investment in pavers… protect your investment with a Landmark Clean & Seal.

One Day Process

Pressure Wash, Repair, Re-sand and Apply Flood Coat and Top Coat of Sealer.

Lasting Protection

Barrier against stains, mold, insects,
weeds and weather. Three Year Warranty.

Surprisingly Affordable

Highest quality service & materials at the
most competitive price.

Environmentally Safe

Non-toxic & Odor-Free,
Safe for Pets and Plants.

How it Works

When many homes in Southern California had concrete pavers incorporated into their landscapes, the original installation included a topical sealer. Over time, the sealer and pavers can begin to look tired, faded and suffer from weed growth into the joints. A professionally executed Landmark Clean & Seal can restore your paving stones to looking like new and protect the investment you’ve made in your home’s landscape.

Benefits to Sealing Pavers

  • Provides a barrier against U.V. rays and prevents paver color from fading.
  • Provides a barrier against oil stains, and allows oil droppings to be cleaned off paver surface before oil can penetrate.
  • Solidifies joint sand, preventing sand loss.
  • Prohibits weed growth between pavers from seed germination
  • Enhances and revitalizes the original vibrancy of pavers.
  • Inhibits algae and mold growth

Commercial Cleaning Services

Whether you are the Owner or Manager of a hotel, restaurant, shopping center, apartment complex or Home Owners Association, at some point, you’re bound to be looking at maintenance of the pavers or hardscape surfaces that bring your clients up to your front door.

Landmark Clean & Seal addresses the sticky issues involved with cleaning interlocking pavers and hardscape surfaces that are subject to regular and consistent use by the public.


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