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Paver Repair & Restoration

Before we undertake a Clean & Seal job at your property, we assess your pavers to determine whether any minor repair work needs to be performed to correct damaged or settling pavers. One of the biggest advantages to having a paving stone installation over installing concrete is that a qualified professional can easily make repairs. Here are common repair issues the Landmark Clean & Seal team can address:

  • Sand loss. Sand loss can occur as a result of poorly applied sealer, overhead runoff from a roof, or sand not filled to the correct level at original installation.
  • Settling. Settling can occur as a result of improper base compaction, decomposing root or organic material within the sub-base, irrigation leaks, or ant infestations.
  • Drifting. Drifting is usually caused by the installation of an inadequate concrete bond beam at the perimeter of the project.
  • Heaving. Heaving tends to occur as tree roots grow up under the paver installation and increase in diameter over time.

Minor repair work is an important component of any Landmark Clean & Seal job. We don’t skip this step! With years of experience in the repair, replacement, cleaning and sealing of interlocking pavers, we understand how important it is to you to bring in the right company to to spruce up pavers in your backyard or add curb appeal to the front of your home.


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