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Commercial Cleaning Services

Landmark Clean & Seal addresses the sticky issues involved with cleaning interlocking pavers and hardscape surfaces that are subject to regular and consistent use by the public. We clean and seal all types of brick pavers, concrete sidewalks, stained concrete walkways, driveways, columns, brick and block walls, and more. If your organization has had a previous seal job done by others that has turned your pavers milky/white, please call us for an estimate on stripping and restoration services at 760-283-SEAL (7325)

Our trained commercial cleaning specialists are individually schooled in the use of the best exterior cleaning and sealing products on the market today. We can perform the necessary repairs to your hardscape surfaces, replace materials as necessary, re-sand or re-grout, and leave them sparkling clean and freshly sealed.

All throughout San Diego and Riverside counties, we tackle the tough jobs and work to schedule crews according to your timetable in order to minimize down-time for your customers.  A fresh Clean and Seal revitalizes the beauty of the pavers on your property and enhances the curb appeal of your establishment…don’t defer this vital type of maintenance, call Landmark Clean & Seal for free estimate at 760-283-SEAL. (7325)


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